Picasso is Coming!

(sorry, normally I would link this but I received it in an email)

Picasso is coming to town. In a coup for Melbourne, more than 150 works by legendary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria next year.

Premier Steve Bracks made the announcement after a tour of the Musee Picasso in Paris yesterday.

The exhibition, Picasso: Dora Maar 1935-1943, is expected to open in June next year for a three-month season. Exclusive to Melbourne, it will be the third of the National Gallery’s Winter Masterpieces exhibitions.

Work by Pablo Picasso’s partner, Dora Maar, will be featured. She is the subject of the gallery’s own Weeping Woman, which will be part of the exhibition. Picasso (1881-1973) met Croatian-born Maar in 1935.

Among the works to travel to the National Gallery are the sculpture Head of a Bull (1942) and the paintings Portrait of Dora Maar (1937), Man with a Straw Hat and An Icecream Cone (1938) and Head and Shoulders of a Woman with a Striped Hat (1939).

Mr Bracks said yesterday that the first of the gallery’s Winter Masterpieces series, 2004’s The Impressionists, was Australia’s most successful art exhibition, with more than 380,000 visitors at an average of 3728 a day and had been estimated to have generated $25.7 million for the state’s economy.

The second of the Winter Masterpieces exhibitions, Dutch Masters from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, will run from June 24 to October 2.

Mr Bracks said he had no doubt the treasures from the Musee Picasso would be a successful third winter exhibition.

Musee Picasso curator Anne Baldessari said the exhibition would include more than 200 works, including paintings, photographs, sketch books, documents and sculptures.

“Maybe in Melbourne we will have a very important display, maybe more than in Paris, because the space here in Paris is not so huge,” she said.

Droool… The NGV is getting some really good things these days,

OK so many many people ask me what I see in Picasso. some have even had the nerve to say that he was a bad artist which is why he abstracted. *slap!* ok, now that is out of the way, to appreciate Picasso you have to go back to his roots. the masterpieces he created at 15 rivalled most masters. in other words, the man was so full of talent he needed to find something more. as you follow his career you can see the progression of cubism and his style. you can also gain an appreciation for the skill involved in the abstraction of forms because it stems from something very real. everything is deliberate and well planned as it should be in a cubist piece. I have seen appalling works of cubism direcly derived but with none of the intelligence and skill executed by Picasso.

a Must See if you get the chance, is to go to his House in Spain. This has been made into an amazing museum and houses the best collection of his pieces arranged in chonological order. this is the best way to see his works as

4 thoughts on “Picasso is Coming!

  1. Picasso is king and anyone who says anything different is welcome to pull their head out of their arse, wipe their eyes and have a proper look at his work.

  2. Meh, he doesn’t do it for me. I can see that his work is ‘important’ in that it informs so much art thereafter, but it fails to interest me. I’m not offended, outraged, impressed, disturbed or anything, really. When I compare my flatline response to the wild reactions of other people, I have to wonder if it’s something I’ve missed or if it’s like football ie: Fine for those who like it, but Not My Bag.

    Please don’t hate me for not loving Picasso’s work. I really, really tried to get enthused about his stuff, but I’m not into faking it.

  3. I dont hate you for it Jacinta, how could I? you are expressing your tastes. I know you understand why he is important and I think that is the main thing. I just hate it when people dismiss his work without knowing what went on behind it.

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