nudes inside a nude with a message

Barbie Dolls, 2008 by Chris Jordan

When looking at this sculpture from a distance, one may be forgiven for thinking that Environmental Graffiti had gone down the route of becoming a soft porn site. On closer inspection however, you’d notice that the breasts above were painstakingly created using 32,000 Barbie dolls by photographer Chris Jordan. Why? Because that’s the number of females in the US who have cosmetic surgery to enlarge their breasts every month.
The picture is oddly beautiful, mind-boggling and poignant. It poses such questions as: to whom did the Barbies belong to? Why were they thrown away? What is the story behind them? The poignancy about the piece perhaps lies in the fact that the sculpture creates a sense of lost innocence; a symbol of our fake throwaway society – one which is plastic and lies in entropy.

[From These Breasts Have a Message For Us! | Environmental Graffiti ]

Chris Jordan has created a number of interesting, repetitive recycled found object photographs. his work is a not so gentle reminder of the consumerism and waste pervading our culture. Personally I find it interesting that the blogs I have found writing about this are very defensive about showing the works. as though there is something wrong with art that shows a delicate and subtle image of a woman’s breasts. or at least something wrong with being associated with it. however, not one seems to object that the barbies themselves are nude, interesting..

5 thoughts on “nudes inside a nude with a message

  1. I found the Barbie Dolls photograph along with the other photos quite beautiful and amzaing. At the same time,they made me stop and think what the images and the numbers represent. In that respect, they were a bit disturbing. But that’s one of the functions of art, to make you think. A lot of people are very uncomfortable with thinking. Personally, I like the challenge.

  2. Did you see the “Environmental Graffiti” site you have quoted had the “barbie breasts” image they linked to removed because it was the free hosting site deemed it pornographic?

    People go on about how liberal society is these days but increasingly it seems society thinks nudity = pornographic = evil. Bunch of puritans!

  3. Well Jennie, I’ve have a couple of things to say. For one, the ‘removed’ site is back; yes it’s a really cool site which gives one some thought; and, c’mon, art can be abstract but gimme a break, those are NOT Barbie boobs! 😉 Steve

  4. I really enjoy Chris Jordan’s work, it;s thought provoking and unique and has only gotten better. but I have to admit this one is outstanding even for him. there are lots of different meanings in this piece!

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