Why not expose children to nudes?

Journey to the New by Itzik Asher Our kids today learn almost nothing about art, never mind nudity in art. Their only exposure to nudity is the semi-porn they see on TV and in videos. So if you pass this sculpture with your kids, I say get out of the car and talk to them…

Bill Henson Speaks out about teen nude controversy

One of the Controversial works by Bill Henson Photograph from the Age The Henson controversy has heated up again with the first interview and official statement given by the artist since the whole mess began back in May. …”If you believe you’ve done nothing wrong, that what you’ve done is right, you can draw a…

From the mouths of Babes – Bill Henson from the Children’s perspective

Another of the Nude Teen Pictures under debate by Bill Henson .A local paper, from Bill Henson’s old stomping ground Northcote, took a different tack in this case by interviewing local children and seeking their opinions on the controversy…. I remember those days all too clearly and I think that it’s important that no matter whether you agree with the works or not, whether you accept the models choices to pose, take a moment to appreciate the bravery it took and the strength they must need to stand tall in the face of this controversy…. And while the students had concerns about the impact of the work and the ability of young people to give consent, they also defended the right to freedom of expression in art. “I think you should look at art for being art and stop focusing on the negatives,” Mutinta said.

Museum fears children seeing nudes, not decapitations

or is it just that our society is now so warped that something natural that we all have is more shameful and disgusting than the violence surrounding us. Gonzalez’s works are inspired by baroque style and he cites art history as a source of bloody and violent works…. It seems a real shame that these pieces are now behind closed doors, I had a chance to see some of his works on this youtube video and they look stunning. very much in the style of the masters (and some of my favorite artists) and I venture that this exhibition might be educational to kids as it explores the underworld and the way drug deals can go wrong.

Top 5 Nude Controversy posts

Given the current controversies surrounding nude art and whether it is traumatic or presents an issue for the greater public, I thought I would Post my top 5 favorite posts on Nudity. Get your Nudity out on My face No Nudes is Good Nudes Let it all hang out Children exposed to Nudes Is Nudity Warping Children’s minds?

Is Nudity Warping Children’s Minds?

A story receiving less press than the Texas teacher scandal is another in New York of an art Teacher who is currently suspended and may be fired after recommending to some of his advanced students that they take life drawing classes…. In December 2005 Mr. Panse was suspended from his job for recommending that some of his advanced students consider taking figure drawing courses that included nude figure drawings…. no matter what relationship the artist and model may have outside the studio there is a magic that happens when the model adopts the pose that turns them into a breathing still life.

Children exposed to nudes.

Even though parents have to approve out-of-school trips for their children, at least one apparently didn’t realize what an art museum might have on display…. The poor child – who no doubt has seen Brittney, Jessica and many other “stars” cavorting in next to nothing on TV – was badly traumatized by the experience and the parent complained. Editorial: A lesson in the art of pleasing parents | The Bryan-College Station Eagle: This sort of thing drives me crazy.

Bill Henson: my impressions

The speech last night was excellent. Listening to Bill Henson discuss various cultural references, I looked around at a variety of young, blank, faces and I felt how true some of his statements were. we do need to expose our children to art, to history, to culture. art is the expression of history and the cumulation of our civilization. I was struck by Henson’s self effacing nature. watching him you would never know that someone so apparently shy was embroiled in such a shocking controversy that rocked the art world two years ago. It was interesting how little he cited his own work, preferring to discuss literature, composers and classic painters.

Child porn debate rears it’s head in ottawa

Sarah Hatton’s controversial painting “Each person does figure out for themselves what they think the intent is,” she says, “and some are going to see that it’s negative and others will see it as I see it, which is an innocent observation of what I see every day as a mother.” I’ve shown the digital…

Is the Brooke Shields Nude Art?

Spiritual America – Richard Prince (detail) Prince described Shields’ appearance in the photograph as “a body with two different sexes, maybe more, and a head that looks like it’s got a different birthday”. Children’s campaigners reacted with dismay to the exhibition. Michele Elliott, founder of Kidscape, said: “Brooke Shields was 10 years old when this…