On my easel… New steampunk nude!

“We’ve only just begun…” The placement for this figure was an enormous challenge as there are large steampunk wings coming in later. I have less than a month to finish this piece so it’s going to be a hard slog to get it all done to the quality I want! There are times I wish…

Suspension WIP – 24×30 Oils on Canvas

Suspension 24×30 Oils on Canvas So I have begun the massive process. the work is further along than this now, but I have been slack in photographing and uploading my WIPs. I’m too busy working to catalogue it all! we have also started putting up a ceiling in my studio. this should help protect against…

Gears – 30×20 Oils on Canvas

Gears 30×20 Oils on Canvas $1000 I’m not quite sure what I want to title this, it appears I will be doing more gears and cogs so Gears (the working title) may not be appropriate – other thoughts were Russet and Pedestal. what do you think? I really am loving the Steampunk Burlesque series, I’m…

Rebirth – 10×8 Oils on Canvas

Rebirth 8×10 Oils on Canvas $200 Currently at ArtBoy Gallery The painting of Last Weeks render. Volume is trickier on a small canvas. I’ve been getting better and better at visible light thanks to my steampunk paintings, but I was not prepared for returning to miniature. There is something wonderful to creating a smaller work.…

New Nude – Shade

the light is interesting and I’d like to play with the pose some more but there were elements that were a real struggle, especially on such a small surface that are probably marring my observation of this painting. usually when I’m a little too close to a piece, if I work at it rather than getting into a zen state, I find it hard to separate out the work from the finished product. and that isn’t to say that I don’t eventually fall in love with the pieces that took effort or that the zen pieces are better in some way, I just find it harder to distance myself from the pieces my mind was actually present for.

New Nude – Falling

I still think the blindfold is a little static but it is as ready as it’s going to be…. those who have seen it in person (before this stage) have all said that they don’t know if she jumped or was pushed but that it is free and frightening all at the same time…. I am probably as happy as I am going to be with the blindfold (knowing that I will never truly be satisfied there!)

laws of Physics Cap’n

This falling figure was working so well up till now, great motion, a horrible chaotic feeling and gravity, but I can’t get this damn blindfold to work properly! does anyone want to volunteer to be pushed off a building so I can photograph them and get the physics right? no, I think I am just going to have to tie my poor husband up, blindfold him and blow a hairdryer at the fabric until I can get it to work.