mm, I am no longer comfortable with this painting. The loss of the spontaneity through trying to make it more accurate has ruined it. Before it looked raw, gritty, earthy. But in my usual stupid perfectionist nature I have taken out what made it art and made it something it is not. So back to the drawing board with this one I am afraid! Wait and see what I make of it next! I will modify this same painting and try to regain the base human grit and darkness I had before, hopefully retaining some of the more anatomically correct features as well.

I think this may be an example of overworking an artwork. The refined look is good for this nude (still untitled people! Jump in now!) but not for this. It is too shiny and clean. Maybe some palette knife would help? hmm… Anyway, I am braindumping for inspiration now as it needs something and I don’t know what. Anyway, you can track the modifications on this painting here as I will be posting updates here.

hmm this blog seems to be becoming almost all about my art now.. I should put something in about orgasms soon or I will lose my reputation!

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