Houri - 36x48 Oils on Canvas

Does Testosterone affect our success?

In other studies, testosterone seemed to provide “winning streaks” that often occurred about ten in the morning. Funnily, I’ve always noted this is a hot hour for my painting, but I never thought to connect it with hormones. Of further interest, male brokers took more risks and traded more often than their female associates. It…

on being an artist and a mother

Many times I’ve seen it written in online arenas. the introduction. “Hi, I’m a mother and an artist”- you can almost hear the pause that follows after “mother.” the pause that says that a mother is who they are first and foremost. and in that introduction, whether intended or not, the “artist” part ends up…

Does Feminism have a place in the arts?

I read something recently that has made me start thinking again about the disparity of women in museums and galleries. This is a very real issue when over 50% of artists are female but less than 2% of the works in museums are by women. I was reading tips for artists and came across a…

Haurvatat 3D Daz Render

Women and Equality in the arts

There is an ugliness seeping through the high end of the art world. Something we all know about but have yet to change. Something that needs to be fixed. Disparity. What does it mean when only 2% of artists represented in top galleries and museums are female? Why are women such a minority in the…

Renoir Nude on the line for superbowl wager

It’s that time of year, the frenzy, the colors, the joy …of the superbowl. this year it’s particularly exciting with two historical enemies sharing the field of battle. the Greenbay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. the excitement has been running high since the championship doubleheader last week and has just been sweetened, in my opinion, by this latest public wager.

Bill Henson: my impressions

The speech last night was excellent. Listening to Bill Henson discuss various cultural references, I looked around at a variety of young, blank, faces and I felt how true some of his statements were. we do need to expose our children to art, to history, to culture. art is the expression of history and the cumulation of our civilization. I was struck by Henson’s self effacing nature. watching him you would never know that someone so apparently shy was embroiled in such a shocking controversy that rocked the art world two years ago. It was interesting how little he cited his own work, preferring to discuss literature, composers and classic painters.

Few Linger in the Louvre

The Bather, Ingres, 1808 Almost nobody, over the course of that hour or two, paused before any object for as long as a full minute. Only a 17th-century wood sculpture of a copulating couple, from San Cristobal in the Solomon Islands, placed near an exit, caused several tourists to point, smile and snap a photo,…

Nude art a rude shock in Islamabad

>200804301736.jpg Requesting anonymity, an artist told Daily Times that the NAG management should understand that the gallery was a public property and only such items should be put on display that pleased the public…. [From Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Nude art at Khazana shocks public ] I disagree that a museum’s job is to present work that appeals to everyone…. I do think that it is very progressive of the Islamabad National Art Gallery to display nude artworks, a huge leap forward when so many middle eastern museums and galleries ban nude art as a matter of course.

Museum fears children seeing nudes, not decapitations

or is it just that our society is now so warped that something natural that we all have is more shameful and disgusting than the violence surrounding us. Gonzalez’s works are inspired by baroque style and he cites art history as a source of bloody and violent works…. It seems a real shame that these pieces are now behind closed doors, I had a chance to see some of his works on this youtube video and they look stunning. very much in the style of the masters (and some of my favorite artists) and I venture that this exhibition might be educational to kids as it explores the underworld and the way drug deals can go wrong.