Women and Equality in the arts

Haurvatat 3D Daz Render

Haurvatat 3D Render

There is an ugliness seeping through the high end of the art world. Something we all know about but have yet to change. Something that needs to be fixed.


What does it mean when only 2% of artists represented in top galleries and museums are female? Why are women such a minority in the high stakes art world? is it entirely run by men? Or are we, as women, doing ourselves a disservice by not being as forward as many male artists?

I know one of the dreams that keeps me going is the thought of immortality, that my art will live on. But will it? Chances are, unless we change things, no it won’t. i’ve read a lot about the male gaze, and the relationships women have with their art. Women seem to get more attached to their works, they possibly put more emotion in their pieces and therefore end up emotionally invested. Is it harder to let go? Do male curators and directors look at this emotional investment as being a detriment? Women artists are often seen as struggling, their tribulations are celebrated. But it appears that successful, strong women may not be as well received.

Over 50% of working artists today are female. This is wonderful! And more and more are being celebrated all the time. I believe we are at a juncture to be able to change that 2% and tip the scales in favor of equality.

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