You are Beautiful

we need more body positive messages. we need to feel better about ourselves, not worse. every day we are inundated with images of airbrushed perfection, of promises made that the billboards and magazines just can’t keep. where are the real bodies? do we even know what they look like anymore? do we know, beyond our…

Friday Nude Quotes

“I suddenly realize that I’m naked, which shouldn’t bother me since it’s the phone, but for some reason it does. “How’s it hanging?” Kyra asks and now I think I’m blushing. It’s just an expression, but jeez!” Barry Lyga, The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl

Brooding- 3D render by Jennie Rosenbaum

My approach to skintones

People sometimes ask me about the skin colors in my works. Up till recently, all of my figures have been without color- that is to say, I’ve focussed more on the light and shadow of the figure and the interraction of the light on the skin. I’ve looked at different skin tones, and worked with…

Friday Nude Quotes

“But first of all he is a woodsman, and you aren’t a woodsman unless you have such a feeling for topography that you can look at the earth and see what it would look like without any woods or covering on it. It’s something like the gift all men wish for when they or young–…

Friday Nude Quotes

“The idea of a belt holding my pants up seems so 20th century. Imagine a world where your pants are held high by your self-esteem. But it’s a silly notion, really, because in a world such as that, nobody would even wear pants.
” Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title