You are Beautiful

we need more body positive messages.
we need to feel better about ourselves, not worse.

every day we are inundated with images of airbrushed perfection, of promises made that the billboards and magazines just can’t keep.

where are the real bodies? do we even know what they look like anymore? do we know, beyond our own doubts and the changes we yearn to make, what real even looks like?

Dallas Frasca has created a song and a clip that reflects our doubts and insecurities and shows us that we aren’t alone in our self doubt. It is a beautiful celebration of diversity where the people featured break out of their shells, their self hate, and their clothing.

This clip has been given a restricted rating on youtube and people have complained about it’s nudity. But why is this clip being so lambasted? Blurred lines, Redfoo’s idiotic display, these clips have sexualized nudity and are sexist, informing rape culture and gender bias; they have not been restricted. But a clip that shows men and women of different ages, sizes and abilities all getting nude and dancing happily? can’t let children see something like that!

I was at a water park last year with my family. I felt a little self conscious at first in my bikini, but then I looked around. At a sea of people, all different, all having fun, all beautiful. And I realized how long it had been since I had seen so many normal people in bathing suits. Since I had seen normal bodies doing normal things.
And I stopped being so self conscious, I let go and had fun with my family and didn’t care who saw me and what they thought. It was so freeing. This video reminds me of that.

I suspect that the people doing the complaining about this video are incapable of accepting non-airbrushed, normal, happy people. They are uncomfortable, basically, with jiggly bits, with uncensored truth that this is what people, real people, look like.

And they are beautiful.

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