My cycle of work, the peaks and troughs

All my life I have had a very specific way of working. In high school I would research an essay topic up until the day before it was due, then pull an all nighter to get it done. I would cram to study the night before, I would spend all year thinking about gifts to…

What is it about a nude that’s offensive?

At my local shopping center there is a massage place. The poster in the window has a nude woman’s back and the prices extending down her spine. It’s a cute concept until you get to the lower region. This woman has buttocks, but no dividing line. You can see where the heal tool was used,…

Why being obsessive produces better art

The more I get absorbed in this complex steampunk series the more I wonder about my obsessive tendencies and artists in general. Recently, I’ve been having a hard time painting, something was gnawing at the back of my mind. Like a face I couldn’t put a name to it was elusive and irritating. Something was…

Friday Nude Quotes

We did extensive test marketing and truly believe that the public has an insatiable desire for this particular body part. After years of predominately featuring younger actresses going nude, the baby boom generation is excited to see a vagina it can relate to Amy Pascal

Friday Nude Quotes

His drawings of the male nude are incredibly sensual. You get the feeling of his hand all over the body. If all we knew about Michelangelo was his drawings, he would still be hailed as a genius. Hugo Chapman