Where do you find your muse?

I’ve been having interesting discussions lately on the topic of muses and how different artists access their own personal muses.

In Greek mythology, inspiration for all the different arts were represented by the muses. Demi gods and goddesses who would descend on artists and grant them inspiration.

These days we refer to our muses as fleeting anthropomorphisms of our inspiration and drive to create.

I find my own personal muse in several ways. Sometimes she will just call upon me, and those are brilliant times, but other times I must seek her out.

I call my muse by sketching, looking at art books, watching my favorite movies ad listening to my favorite painting music. Anything that triggers that side of the brain for me really. The things that work for me may not work for others, for example, I find watching Hellboy II or V for Vendetta to be massively inspiring. The visuals and use of light just flick a switch inside.
Other times I will load one of my quick start Daz scenes and just play with posing my model like a doll until I get something that works. Sometimes I will sit with my iPad or even an analogue sketchbook and just draw. My favorite music currently to paint to is by Ayreon and will often send me straight to thinking about creating.

Knowing how to access your muse is key to getting into the studio every day and working with purpose and inspiration. It’s a key component of being an artist.

How do you find your muse?

2 thoughts on “Where do you find your muse?

    • I think you are right, I know that being surrounded by certain people fills me with inspiration while others drain it. Then there is the more prosaic muse who takes on the drudgery jobs so that we can create without worry. They are a gem beyond price!

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