Flip – Daz Render

SPB flip2

Flip – Daz Studio 4 Render

and.. because the last piece wasn’t complex enough I’ve thrown another spanner in the works. oh yes it’s raining fiddly bits here! I’ve been dreaming of the day I could get this harness and wingset, I’ve been planning works against them coming on sale. then they did and I pretty much had to spend a few weeks rendering my ideas. tell me if I’m crazy! I’m mildly worried about working with such a recognizable product in the 3D universe but you cannot deny the compelling delight of these wings!

if I’m not around much at the moment now you know why…

Figure: Victoria 4 *free*

Character: Reby Sky

Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

Wings, Helmet, Harness, Boots and Hair: Apteromata Flight

Textures: Acherontia Atropos Flight

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