My Top 20 Search Terms

I thought it may amuse and interest some of you to know how people arrive at my blog and what they are looking for. I think it’s pretty interesting to see that nude celebrities are still all the rage, and that apparently my coverage of Bill Henson has really made a difference in the world of blogging – or something. and yes folks – I do actually rate on my blog- see? that’s me, down there at number 19 – hmm.. perhaps I should actually write about myself more! (I know, I know, you all keep telling me to! – I don’t even have a tag for myself)

bill henson 7,783
nudes 3,901
hannah montana nude 2,920
brooke shields 2,702
jewish nudes 2,301
sarah palin nude 2,230
small nudes 2,011
group nudes 1,930
brooke shields nude 1,659
bill henson nude teen 1,655
nude group 1,530
nude groups 1,475
children nudes 1,474
bill henson banned photos 1,467
cate blanchett nude 1,459
nude models 1,443
bill henson nude 1,386
kids nudes 1,120
jennie rosenbaum 1,118
bill henson nudes 1,044

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