Child pornography and art are different things, Hetty

One of the exonerated Nude Teen Pictures from 2008 by Bill Henson. Picture by the Daily Telegraph Bravehearts executive director Hetty Johnston has written to the Baillieu Government asking it to crack down on images such as those created by controversial artist Bill Henson. But artists say they should not be censored and current guidelines…

crusade against nude art harmful rather than helpful to children

[From Paul Rapoport on Nude Children in Aussie Art: Kids need protection, but art isn’t porn – Full Comment ] This is some of the sanest arguing on this subject I have seen…. I believe that they are tackling this issue the wrong way and in a way that will ultimately be more harmful for children…. in other words, “we don’t like the results the classification board is giving so we are going to change them to suit our own means”.