Free Nude Models! (Genesis)

Victoria 5 and Genesis Created in Daz Studio 4

Victoria 5 and Genesis Created in Daz Studio 4

A couple of years go I wrote the post Free Nude Models (And other stuff) This post has been well received but technology has progressed and it’s time I wrote a whole new version! Daz 3D have completely changed their platform to make use of the latest technology. the old figures still work and will work in the new programs, but, sadly, are no longer free. However- all is not lost! for a short time only you can download Daz Studio 4 Pro with the insanely powerful genesis package for free.

What is Genesis you ask? Genesis is Daz’s answer to figures and morphing. rather than having separate Victoria and Michael figures you have one Genesis model who can morph into either, or a combination of the two, or three or as many combinations as you want. if you want Michael with some troll and breasts you can have it. if you want a little victoria fae child you can create it. There are some great options included in the package to give you loads of flexibility in your model but the more addons you buy, the more options you have to create truly unique figures. and clothes morph with the figure. for me, however, the best part is the weight mapping. weight mapping simply means that the figure has some squishability to it, so when you bend the knee, the flesh pushes aside as it would in real life- rather than just passing into itself. this creates more realistic bends and better movement. there is more rigging and superior handing in almost every way.

you do need to buy more addons to fully make use of Genesis (just as you needed to buy the morphs for Victoria 4 to fully work) but for now, you can get the amazing Daz Studio 4 Pro for Free which includes Genesis, several morphs (including male, female and child), clothes, lights and sets. you can get started immediately in 3D and then decide if you want any addons. This technology is a game changer for the 3D world and it is worth exploring if you are interested in using 3D to create nude models for reference in your art, or just for fun!

For Free Poses and some more morphs check out Adam Thwaites’ site Poser Free Stuff (Warning: there’s a lot!!)

Let me know how you go! I’d love to see your renders or the drawings you create from them!

10 thoughts on “Free Nude Models! (Genesis)

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  3. I think I found a flaw here. As she leans her head backwards her hair should hang by and large straight down and that is not the case. It retains a curve and sticks to the side of her face and back of the head like if it were not affected by gravity. But otherwise it’s very lifelike!

  4. Yes, unfortunately it’s a flaw of the hair in Daz Studio. it depends on the model but they frequently don’t have all the hang morphs we would like! If the hair is added via autofit (the fastest way) then it doesn’t have any morphs at all and sadly conforms completely to the figure. They are working on getting better hair handling, but it still largely depends on the manufacturer!

    • Hmm.. Did you install the content manager? If so it should be just in ‘smart content’ under people. If not I will look it up for you. It will have installed with Daz studio 4 but it’s In your regular content folder as well as your smart content. You can always try searching in content. Let me know how you go. If searching or the smart content don’t turn up anything, let me know- you may need to refresh your content library or ensure daz is locating it.

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