no nude by kishin photo shoot under fire

Kishin Shinoyama is an iconic Japanese nude photographer. his work has gone a long way towards changing the attitudes towards nude art in Japan over the years and has certainly developed a following, I have found the unusual shapes he creates and interesting lighting rather fascinating. the photobook images were photographed in a range of locations, railway tracks, and most notably a cemetary. what is interesting about the charges here is that this case began in late 2009 for a book that was published i January and a shoot that took place in 2008.

world record set by Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

I think it is interesting that nudes consistently set records in sales at auction . it says something about the high end world of art collecting. a lot of speculation has been made about this work and this auction over the past few days, I often wonder if the hype over an auction becomes a self fulfilling prophecy where the bidders seek to live up to the hype and create the records that have been the subject of speculation.

nude art causes mass suicide scare in NYC

Oops.. this is a really interesting concept, and it probably says a lot about the way people interact. it’s nice to see people caring and reporting their concerns for others, but one also has to wonder if this project was that well thought out. the artist Anthony Gormley intended to play with the city and people’s perceptions, but I wonder if he anticipated this sort of issue.

Understanding the Nude in Art

To understand the significance of nudity in art, we need to travel back in time when sculptures were the most prominent art form. Sculptures were created to depict various important aspects of social life, especially religion and government. These sculptures formed an integral part of society and adorned temples, court houses, palaces, gardens and other…

5000 live nude bodies in Sydney for Tunick Shoot

I am looking forward to seeing the final photograph sand genuinely sorry I had to miss out. this is such an inspiration that people can shed their inhibitions and realize that it’s all just skin, we all have it and there is nothing that special, shameful or worrisome about it. it’s another step forward- especially in a country that is seeing way too much in the way of censorship.

nude censored under glass in Britain

This Is Me (Who Am I) by Marie White The modesty of a nude sculpture has been hidden by frosted glass in a gallery’s window after complaints led to police intervention. Police said the model at the A Gallery, in Wimbledon, south-west London, was deemed offensive under the Indecent Displays Act 1991. Artist Marie White,…

Where is the First Amendment?

What people overseas may not know is that the party in charge is considered to be the left wing party. it is becoming more and more apparent that both parties here are republican. in addition to the clean feed mandating what we may or may not view online is a new legislation currently in the works to strike artistic merit as a defence for works containing nude children .

How Brooke Shields differs from Bill Henson

Bill Henson and Richard Prince Comparison Comparisons are already being made and lines are already being drawn between the Brooke Shields photograph at the Tate and the Bill Henson debacle last year. conservatives and media alike will be debating the differences are between the different cases and trying to make them both fit the same…

Bio Drive

So I’ve been thinking that my biography is a bit boring, a bit old and a lot dated – in short, I am over it. so I’ve been working today on writing up a new formal biography and a less formal “about” for my websites and stuff. I’d love your input, I’m really terrible at…

how much nipple is too much?

“I use myself as the model in front of a mirror because it saves paying someone else and I paint late at night when I cannot expect another model to pose for me.

…I feel sorry for the artist, sitting with the curators of this gallery, with whom she has an existing long term relationship, and candidly discussing how much nipple is too much…. as some of you know I’ve given long thought to nipples, they are a recurring theme in my works in a “now you see them now you don’t” sort of way and I frequently feel they can make or break a piece.