Nude of the Week – Composed

Composed - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum


Oils on Canvas
10 x 12 in


This painting has been quite a struggle to finish. I started it a few months ago and although it started really well, every time I went to work on it I would almost pass out from nausea and dizziness. my techniques rely on fast work using wet paint and as I use thin washes it dries quite quickly (especially in Australia). I almost threw it out and started again but I knew there had to be something there. the past couple of weeks have been easier so I have been able to tackle what once felt so impossible to me. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction in finishing it. like I claimed part of myself back by refusing to let it slip away.
this is my first work exploring volumetric lighting. yes I am obsessed with it, I see it everywhere. it’s quite difficult to capture because it’s.. well.. light.. it’s easy to overwork the beams or to underwork it but I am learning so much about the nature of light.

4 thoughts on “Nude of the Week – Composed

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  2. I really love this!

    I can’t tell you why, but the way that the different shades of light blend together really struck a cord with me. There is a real depth here that I like.

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