no nude by kishin photo shoot under fire

NO NUDE by KISHIN 1 20XX TOKYO (単行本(ソフトカバー))

If convicted, Shinoyama faces up to six months in prison or a fine of up to Y300,000 ($A3,861.25).The cemetery was one of a dozen public locations in Tokyo where two models posed nude for a photo collection titled, No Nude by Kishin 20XX, which was released in January 2009.

Shinoyama said in a statement on Thursday the models took off their clothes only briefly, ‘‘seconds or up to two minutes at the longest’’.

He was concerned about the definition of public indecency, which could discourage artistic expression, he said.But Shinoyama added,

‘‘I humbly accept the case as a lesson, and I will pursue my challenges to new forms of expression.’’

[From Kishin Shinoyama charged over nude photoshoot at cemetery]

Kishin Shinoyama is an iconic Japanese nude photographer. his work has gone a long way towards changing the attitudes towards nude art in Japan over the years and has certainly developed a following, I have found the unusual shapes he creates and interesting lighting rather fascinating. the photobook images were photographed in a range of locations, railway tracks, and most notably a cemetary. what is interesting about the charges here is that this case began in late 2009 for a book that was published i January and a shoot that took place in 2008. This quote is from an article from the original raid in November last year.

Police investigators searched the office and home of Tokyo-based photographer Kishin Shinoyama on Tuesday on suspicion of public indecency over the shooting of nude photos for his book of photos “20XX TOKYO.”

The investigators also raided the office in Tokyo of a talent agency to which one of the two models, a 21-year-old actress, belongs.

Shinoyama, 68, allegedly took outdoor nude shots of the models in Tokyo from mid- to late August 2008 in situations where anyone could see them, the police said.

The Metropolitan Police Department also plans to question Shinoyama, police sources said.

[From Tokyo-based photographer’s office, home raided over nude photo shoot | The Japan Times Online]

Apparently it took this long to question him.
it should be noted that the fine isn’t actually that stringent, but the threatened jail time is. the basis for all of these allegations is purely on the photographs themselves. no witnesses or complainants have come forward, there appear to be no damages or issues, just a hearsay (see-say?) almost two years after the initial photoshoot. no statement has been made about whether any permits or permission was granted at the time. I think it is sad that Shinoyama believes that he should “pursue [his] challenges to new forms of expression”. I hope that doesn’t mean that he is planning to give up the nude altogether just because of this issue when there seems to be so little basis for a case.

One thought on “no nude by kishin photo shoot under fire

  1. It is interesting that there seems to be a shift in the world (as happens every 5-10 years in pop culture in general) in which many countries are beginning to tighten up on sexuality in all forms across the spectrum while the United States seems to be getting more relaxed about it.

    Iceland recently banned all public establishments that made money off of nude performers.

    Australia has put together a laundry list of laws (some good, some way off the mark) that rallies against sexuality, nudity, and pornography on all levels.

    Now Japan, which for years was considered one of the most tolerable countries on Earth due to what they allow in various forms of entertainment across the spectrum is having this happen.

    I am not saying either side is right or wrong in any of these cases since both sides make good points, but at the same time both sides make invalid arguments as well. I am simply commenting on the fascinating turn things seem to be taking in the world, and I wonder how long it will be before people stop looking at the United States as uptight and begin to start looking at themselves instead.

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