how much nipple is too much?

“I use myself as the model in front of a mirror because it saves paying someone else and I paint late at night when I cannot expect another model to pose for me.

…I feel sorry for the artist, sitting with the curators of this gallery, with whom she has an existing long term relationship, and candidly discussing how much nipple is too much…. as some of you know I’ve given long thought to nipples, they are a recurring theme in my works in a “now you see them now you don’t” sort of way and I frequently feel they can make or break a piece.

Nude art a rude shock in Islamabad

>200804301736.jpg Requesting anonymity, an artist told Daily Times that the NAG management should understand that the gallery was a public property and only such items should be put on display that pleased the public…. [From Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Nude art at Khazana shocks public ] I disagree that a museum’s job is to present work that appeals to everyone…. I do think that it is very progressive of the Islamabad National Art Gallery to display nude artworks, a huge leap forward when so many middle eastern museums and galleries ban nude art as a matter of course.