Artemis Render in Progress

MCA_Artemis2bI haven’t been publishing all of the works I created last year. Some because they are a bit different, and some because they are ideas in progress, and some because they just aren’t ready.
And I guess I felt kind of odd about all of that. I was working with some very new concepts and ideas last year and it is only going to get stranger. But it is silly to keep my work from you just because I am nervous!
This is my vision of Artemis as part of my minimalist LGBTI gods works. Many of these works were about me exploring textiles and textures. I feel that this work is very close. I have revisited it a couple of times and I will continue to. The pace is fast at uni. There is a slight air of what’s next. I want to retexture this model and the fabric. But the work I am doing is for my own perfectionism, it is the kind of effort that is hard to describe and show others. It doesn’t show that clearly why you spent two four extra days on a piece that was good enough already. So like many works it has been moved to my *so close* pile. I love her fuck you attitude and her pose. She is nearly there…

My thing is, I’m not a big fan of good enough. but I also wanted to stretch my abilities and my art and take it in new directions. I got almost overwhelmed by how many ideas I had and directions I wanted to go in. It was heady. And I feel like I did some pieces very very well, and some not as well (what else is new?). This year I have a very clear direction and a strong sense of what I want to achieve. I think that my experimentation and research over the past year will pay off in dividends. I no longer feel so uncertain. Changing my main media took some adjusting, but I see amazing things ahead in the year to come!

I am thinking of using my blog for a bit of a brain dump space while I work through my concepts. Usually I only present the polished final works, but this time I want to show you my research and though processes as I embark on some totally new ideas, methods and ways of looking at the world around us.

This piece created using Genesis in Daz Studio Pro and rendered in Luxrender with Reality

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