Down with phplist

so far they seem to have what I want, their tests have so far come up well, they had an extensive free trial) and I wont have to spend hours mucking with it every time I want it to do something…. I could spend more and more hours working on it and get more and more frustrated, but as I see it $40 isn’t that much an outlay for a year of stress free newsletters…. I will try to make this changeover as smooth as possible, there will be some to-ing and fro-ing but hopefully you subscribers wont actually see anything but newsletters that work the way they’re supposed to.


Slump 12 x 12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum I think my phplist went a little haywire this weekend. I was creating my newsletter mailings as I usually do and it crashed and I think in the effort to try and fix it I may have sent out multiples of the same newsletter to people…. it seems to be one issue after another after another and I’m just not sure I can keep it up – it just looks so unprofessional.