Free Nude Models! (and other stuff)

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seated contemplative2
Victoria 3 and included updo hair

The key to using Daz Studio is the content. Daz makes use of created models, much in the same way poser does, but for free. the main models usually cost money, however you can get a surprising array of free content online. so much in fact that you never need to buy any if you don’t want to!

lets break down the type of content first. for ease of use and explanation I am going to deal specifically with the Daz created models and items created for them. there are other options out there which I will link to later but for now it’s best to work with the same thing. I am not going into clothing in this series of tutorials because I don’t really use it. we are looking at using Daz as an artist’s reference and I think clothes get in the way of that!

Models. models are the 3D figures themselves. they can be humans, animals, fantasy creatures, clothing, hair, props but they are the backbone of what you are going to use to create. in their raw state they are white or have a basic texture applied. to add realism, you need to add texture.

Free Figures:

DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free

Download the New Daz Studio 4 to get the latest male and female figures and several morphs for free! you will also get hair, clothes and some sets. everything you need to get started in 3D!

Free Hair:
Flexy Hair for Victoria 4 and Renella Hair for Victoria 3
Fit Flexy Hair to Aiko 3
Fit Flexy Hair to Michael 3
Fit Renella Hair to Aiko 3
Fit Renella Hair to Michael 3

Hair fits enable you to use hair you have for one character on another. this really expands the use of your hair

Free Artist Props and Poses.

Now you have all the models you need to start posing. you have men and women, different hairstyles and some posing props to create your life drawing virtual studio.

Week two in my series on using Daz 3d as a free artists reference

for the bundles including morphs, characters, hair, clothes and more check out this link

17 thoughts on “Free Nude Models! (and other stuff)

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  2. Jennie:
    I have tried all the links and have downloaded the free Daz program and models, but there isn’t a nude model among them.
    I do nude photography and it would be nice to create my own posing cards before hiring a model.
    Can you give me some links to get nude models?
    and it would be nice to be able to get pubic hair as well, since then I would have the option to use it or not?
    I am a newbie at this, but all the free models have clothes, maybe I am missing something.
    Thanks for the help

    • Hi Jim, the model you want is Victoria 4. To turn her into a nude model (because they have that ridiculous purple underwear on her) you need to apply a texture or character to her. She comes with some basic sample res nude skin but if you want nice skin and a change of figures and faces you should Download Stephanie 4 elite. Also free. Then when you have installed all your content you can Double click Stephanie 4 instead when loading and she will load with the nice skin. You have to have both Victoria and Stephanie installed for this to work.
      Check some of my other Daz posts for more downloads and tips. I will be writing more about this in future weeks…

      As a photographer you may be interested in the reality plugin, it isn’t free but uses real world physics to light your models. You use reflectors and lighting exactly as you would in photography, you may find it interesting.

      • This is Jim again, Stephanie 4 elite base costs thirty bucks and is no longer free, unfortunately for me I snooze I lose

  3. You are very beautiful.
    create a new texture made by your scanned skin. Your photo above is very very nice.

    best regards

    Renato – Brasil (we dont use “z” in Brasil)

    • I concur with Renato, Jennie you have wonderful features.

      Have you thought of creating an avatar of yourself in DAZ?
      Please look into it.

      Andre – South Africa

  4. As a filmmaker, I would love to recreate the style of a classic victorian fairy painting, in addition I think I could use daz to storyboard. Given that there is a new edition of Daz studio and that I have yet to take the plunge. What would you recommend for me to purchase and download that will allow me to do nude poses for photos and animation?
    I was unable to get the figures to load in Daz3, but that is my ignorance. I plan on spending sometime learning and using you tube tutorials. As my comment above, I have been hitting road bocks since the Stephanie elite program is not available for free and a new version of Daz has appeared. Given basically I want to use the program as pre production for video and photo shoots. It allows me to block out a session before it happens and gives me nice backgrounds to use with real humans too and to relate to the daz figures in a fantasy world.
    Any recomendations?

    • Hi Jim, so sorry she isn’t available anymore, they’ve been doing away with the generation four freebies because of the new version studio four and Genesis – the new figure. genesis morphs into male and female and is pretty cool. it also takes the textures from generation 4 so that is handy.

      I admit, I don’t know much about animation in DazStudio, so I can’t help there, but for good fae textures and morphs you can’t go past products by thorne, sarsa and mada these are all morphs for Victoria 4, for them to work fully you will need the morphs++

      if you want to work with Genesis, you can use the same textures, and some of the free ones I have linked above, but you will probably need the genesis morphs: – I tested them, they have a lot of scope for creating some interesting looks.
      or if you want to create some interesting fae types this product looks interesting: I don’t think it needs the morphs. it has textures and full character morphs.

      if you are interested in picking up quite a few items I can highly recommend the platinum club, it’s anniversary time and you get a $30 voucher for buying an annual membership, access to a bunch of $1.99 items (including some great forest sets and textures). you also get 30% off daz original items, and $6 in vouchers every month. I can’t live without it! – more details on that here:

      well! that’s almost a new blog post! sorry it was so long.. I’m going to be putting together some new things for DS4 soon 🙂 let me know if I can help out more.

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