You can’t force artists to classify their art

There is talk in Australia, once again, of limiting artists rights. I am likely to offend people with these statements and I don’t care. Ratings classifications don’t belong in the arts. Frankly they barely belong in movies. Most people fail to notice them with regards to tv and movies and still they complain. Bill Henson…

Friday nude quotes

Maybe we should be more timeless. Maybe we should just wear a classic black suit all the time. Or just nudity? That way it’s always in style! From now on, All television spots I’d like to be nude so that I will always be timeless. Lady GaGa

Nude of the week- iPad painting

I still don’t have a studio, but that’s ok, because i’m consuming myself with learning to use my iPad as a serious medium. I’ve been drawing and painting on it every day, in multiple apps. It’s very interesting, they all have something to offer in different ways. This is painted in sketchbook pro and often…

6 years on – why I started Blogging

it turns out, the more I experimented with painting and enjoyed myself, the less pain I felt. and sharing with the world enabled me to create the career I have today. sometimes I wonder about taking down those old posts, they’re a long way from where I’ve come today, and I worry that they aren’t in keeping with my “brand” but I look back fondly on them, they’re part of my journey. this blog is the history of my career from the beginning, an online visual diary and a fun diversion.

ditch the nagging b**** and reclaim the most important thing

I haven’t done any real painting since moving as my studio is still very much under construction. it will soon be in a useable state and then a huge pressure will be relieved. because I’ll tell you a little truth about being an artist- the less you paint the less you want to paint- the reverse of my statement in my post 8 reasons why making art is like making love but that leads me back to my goals for 2011 and what I want to do about #5 on my list: I want to paint.