Achieving my goals bit by bit…blogging


dream- 3D reference image

I want to build up my blogging, and my affiliate earnings, I want to add on some extra revenue streams as a fun funds funnel (yes that is what I’m calling it!).

This one is easy… In principle anyway, all I need to do is blog more!
I have to use the tools at my disposal to write posts. Instead of focussing on creating the long rambles you all know and love (hehe) I need to remember that I can create short posts too! I can quickly write one on my iPad or my phone or computer. I want to keep the post quality good, but I want to increase their frequency and my output. I also want to blog more about my story and processes.

To that end, i’m joining the post a week movement at WordPress. They email suggestions for posts, we send them back, and tag them. I’d join post a day, but I know myself and don’t want to start too fast out of the gate, let’s see how we go here first. I also want to reply to comments more, and ask questions, create polls, fun things!

As far as affiliate earnings go, currently I am making enough to support my online costs and my growing daz3d habit. They enabled me to go slightly nuts at the sales last year! It’s fun, almost like free money. I make this promise to you though, it will be unobtrusive, and only about products and stores that I personally use and like. I prefer to work more on the lines of content rather than sales. I will be creating another blog or two to work more directly with affiliate sales later, again with products I believe in. The extra revenue streams involve some digital art and book ideas for kids that have been inspired by Erica. I may or may not link to them here, but rest assured, this blog will stay the same! Just, I hope, better and more reliable than before.
Interesting would be good too 😉

So, over to you, what are your tips for blogging in the new year?

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