2014 – the Year The Appliances Died

Most of 2014 was pretty good to me personally (not talking about the state of the world or the Australian government is in- the year for the world kinda blew chunks) but I mostly had a positive year! My word for 2014 was Assertive and it was a brilliant word for me. So good, I’m…

Xochiquetzal - 36x48 Oils on Canvas

The Male Gaze

During one of my exhibitions, the gallery owner (whom I had not previously met) told me he was surprised when he saw my work – that he assumed it had been painted by a man. he went on at length about how I have a very ‘male gaze’, painting women who look like they could…

earliest nude sculpture termed pornography?

Side and front views show the six-centimetre, 35,000-year-old ivory carving found in Germany’s Hohle Fels cave. (H. Jensen/University of Tuebingen) From photography to the internet, a characteristic sign that a new medium is going to succeed is that it is exploited by pornographers. And that, it seems, is not a recent phenomenon. A find reported…

Sexualization of Minors in Art

[From Art, not porn – Opinion – theage.com.au ] I have been thinking further about the issue of sexualization of teens in art. I think if the case against Bill Henson were to go through we will start to see extreme limitations in the freedom of expression and artistic freedom…. [From Art, not porn – Opinion – theage.com.au ] I agree with this, by trying to anticipate what might turn a pedophile on we may be stepping into their shoes and thereby, not only destroying our own view of art, but possibly ruining the experience for others…. we can stop trying to predict them, stop trying to anticipate what they might find titillating and risk damaging freedom of art and expression, the reputations of renowned artists and focus instead on making sure our children are safe and educated.

Bill Henson’s Artworks are Innocent

One of the Controversial works by Bill Henson Photograph from the Age Officers raided the Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, in Paddington in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, just before the exhibition was due to open on Thursday night…. The raid, and the prospect of an artist facing criminal charges, has reignited the debate about what constitutes art. [From Law Society backs nude child pics artist – Breaking News – National – Breaking News ] I have been so angry about this whole mess that I haven’t been able to write coherently till now…. the police raid and seizures, the statement by Prime minister Kevin Rudd that these works are ‘revolting’, the galleries that are also pulling Bill Henson’s works from their collections or the constant newspaper articles referring to these artworks, by one of Australia’s premier artists, as ‘”art”‘.

Media Furor over Teen Nude

The much debated Miley Cyrus Portrait by Annie Leibovitz I don’t want to come across as a prude but surely creating this pedophile fantasy of a Disney star crosses the line…. The reason women are asked to take their clothes off for the camera is as simple as sex – it’s because men like to look at naked women, and exposed breasts and bums will sell magazines, calendars and movies…. I think the whole thing is a bit of a publicity stunt but I am appalled at the attitude of Sally Morrell and other reporters who don’t seem to have actually looked at the pic (or any art for that matter).