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I think it’s pretty interesting to see that nude celebrities are still all the rage, and that apparently my coverage of Bill Henson has really made a difference in the world of blogging – or something. and yes folks – I do actually rate on my blog- see?

India’s loss, Qatar’s Gain – M.F Husain to receive Qatar nationality

It is wonderful that an artist like Husain, who has been so vilified by his home country, has found acceptance and a new life for himself. the First Lady of Qatar has commissioned a series on the history of the Arab Civilization, which Husain is working on in conjunction with a series on the history of the Indian civilization- should make for some interesting works that will, no doubt, enrage extremists in India further. such a shame.

Nudes not under a blanket ban

The artists Margaret Tuckey and Scott Eames and their banned works from last year Councillors adopted a “sensitive art policy” in May, stating the council had a duty of care to protect Civic Centre visitors from artwork “depicting images containing perceived violence, racism, sexism, nudity, blasphemy, cultural discrimination and other issues that may be seen…

friday nude quotes

We must see to it that the man looking at the picture has at hand everything he needs to paint a nude. If you really give him everything he needs — and the best — he’ll put everything where it belongs, with his own eyes. Each person will make for himself the kind of nude he wants, with the nude that I will have made for him.