Celebrating birth with nude Tunick shoot

Chris and Amanda Burke. Photo: Adam Hollingworth

NOTHING will stand in the way of this couple taking part in photographer Spencer Tunick’s nude installation tomorrow – not even the birth of their twins.

Amanda and Chris Burke rescheduled the birth so they could be among the expected 2000 people to assemble nude on the Opera House steps.

After the shoot, Ms Burke will rush to the hospital to be induced for the birth.

”As soon as we’ve had our picture, I will be running for a taxi,” Ms Burke said. ”We’ve always admired Spencer’s work so we’re willing to put anything on hold – including giving birth to our twins.”

[From Two bare all before mum bears two]

Good on them! I chickened out because I am so close to term and it was in Sydney but I think it is wonderful that a couple is celebrating like this. I wish them lots of luck and joy with their twins and hope the birth goes smoothly. it will certainly be a day they will never forget- and a great story for the kids later!

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