Well that’s several hours of my life I wont see again – damn you World of Warcrack! grrr..

in other news I went to the MGA today with Liam. There is a fascinating exhibition of celebrity Photographs by Robin Sellick, Australia’s premiere celeb photographer. The exhibition reminded me of Leibowitz, but mostly in the nostalgic memory of a Leibowitz exhibition I was lucky to see in the States with dad. Robin Sellick is no Liebowitz but the work is very nice, intriguing. I particularly liked the Barrie Humphries portrait and the Rove Mc Manus one for the sheer energy of it. Believe it or not, but the Eddie Maguire one was really great, I guess because you could barely see his face.

What is with the MGA becoming primarily photographic now? That’s a little limited isn’t it? I remember Years ago they hosted major installations, paintings and one really amazing historical toy exhibition. I remember that one as it was one of the first gallery openings I had ever been to and I sang there (in front of the mayor no less!). I guess I am a little sad, the MGA is the premiere gallery in the SE suburbs and it is limiting itself to only photographic works? (no I have nothing against photographic works) but it has some great spaces and it seems to me to be a real pity.

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