Education and the Arts

I have been looking at studying online and finishing my Arts degree. I love Art History and painting (obviously) and the course I am looking at is designed to allow exploration of art techniques and skills, as well as art history. I am pretty excited, since I started painting again its all I can think about. My interest in expanding my skill is to use more imagination and more abstract motifs. I have good technique but need to work on my artistic expression and I am hoping that this course will help me with this, it seems to be specifically designed for it. now all I need to do is look at my transcript and work on the courses and apply for RPL.

I am mildly worried about the long term implications of starting something like this, I still hope that I will be able to get better and get back to work. But I can still take it at my own pace so if I want to continue when I am back at work I can and at least it will be something for me to do during my convalescence… Right?

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