10th August – Expressionist Nude

This is my latest foray into expressionism and I feel it is my best yet. The colors work well together and the subject is glossy and smooth. I HATED this when I first did it – it was too much, too different. Then I went away from it and looked at it with a new eye and my view was that I would like it if I saw it at an exhibition somewhere – my hang up was myself! I darkened the background and softened the distortions and viola! I am randomly happier… It is wierd yes and very very different from anything else I have done, but frankly almost every painting I have dont in the last 6 months has been different!! I like the roundness of the belly and hip – and I am very happy with the random brainwave that told me to use yellow.

I bought these super cheap canvasses for experimenting with (in case it seems like I am doing a lot of random crap lately that is why) it is good to experiment and not worry about the cost – just to see what would happen if I used these colors or if I tried this. My only grizzle abouot these cheap canvasses is that they are very toothy which means it takes a while to get a painting started.

This painting started as an experiment in simple lines and evolved (as usual) into something completely different. I am now trying to decide if it is better to start with an idea and/or just let it develop (even if it is different). Ah, what the hell – it is fun to go with it!

Some people are curious as to why I randomly talk about musicals. It is because when i am painting it is best if I just lose myself in a great musical and let my subconscious take over. When I was starting with this painting (and bollocking it up mightily I might add) I was listening to a bunch of musicals in my faves playlist on shuffle. Something clicked in my head and I set it in my current fave to run all the way through (25th annual Putnam county spelling bee if you are interested) and it worked! Rather than a random image – a proper painting appeared!!

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