I finally felt up to starting my enormous Drawing courseload today. The planning was done in bed but I had to stand to complete the final drawing. I did ok but I forgot how tiring pen and ink is!! its very different working on an A2 sized pad from working in a visual diary but I feel inordinately proud of myself for being able to stand that long, even if I didn’t really cope with the slight bending that well -I lowered myself with my legs instead, a slight squat (its times like this that I really appreciate my weight training days, those and when I have to lift myself up stairs with my arms) a heavy squat hurts my back as well as it pulls at the pelvic injury I guess but a slight one isn’t too bed and MUCH less painful than bending!!

Anyway, I have been reading my couse materials and there is a large amount of work but it is really interesting. I thought I would be bored in drawing but it is so much more than any other drawing subject I have done and, while simple for people who don’t know a whole lot, it is still quite challenging for someone like me who has been drawing since I could hold a crayon! They really encourage us to break the mold and try different things – I am looking forward to each excersise.

This excersise was a line one (the first module is line, the next is tone etc) and we had to arrange chairs in an interesting way and draw them using lines. The interesting part was that we have to try to communicate the surfaces and materials with the lines. I think This work has done this by emphasising the difference between soft and hard, fabric and wood. the perspective was reasonably challenging. The next excersise is working on a cupboard or something enclosed and small and all of the little pieces in it. I will try to get a start on that tomorrow.

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