I think I have finally finished my mark making project. what a nightmare! it is very physically intensive no matter what you do so I am very tired now.

I feel they let down some of my other assignments so I will take the next couple of days to fix them up – then I can set up my folio with impugnity. due to the move I need to email it in a little early. they say they will have the internet up by then but I want to make sure I have allowed for telstra inefficiency and potential network issues (theoretically it should be as easy as reconnecting the router, modem and computers but where networking is considered nothing is set in stone). I culd always borrow a net connection but that would be wierd.

No I am not putting my mark making excersises up here yet. I need to work on my folio photography yet. I may put everything up when I have finished the presentation…

I want to refine my collage, redo my interior line drawing and redo my small space picture… I may also re-do my white on white still life – I will just do it as a white on white drawing rather than a collage. I failled my collage roll. then I need to refine my diary, re-photograph all my works and visual diary and get the presentations together.

That isn’t too much to do in two days… right?

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