I have finally finished my photography final folio. Kmart’s digital printing service sucks but I have my photos. I also leaned too late that my hoopy printer doesn’t need special cartridges to print really good photographs and I could have saved myself the trouble but oh well. I printed a nice cover for my folio.

I am randomly pleased with the progression my photography has made, the subject was really good, and I feel that I learned a lot. I never knew so much about the gestalt principles and I think they will really help in all my compositions. I have drawing next semester which will be good, it is a 100% folio course which should be a fun challenge!

Meanwhile, here are my two favorite shots from my most recent photo shoot! (putting my folio together over the past couple of days counts as arty things for the days – so ner)

Monash Uni People will recognize this vista – it is to illustrate the gestalt principle of continuity.

And SE suburbs shopaholics such as myself will recognise this sculpture, its in front of chadstone shopping center. This is to illustrate the principle of closure.

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