Fun and Games

One of the big issues with going away is packing maximum art supplies in limited space.. well, a couple of new toys have helped this out. These are two quick attempts with a liquid graphite pencil and gel pastels.

the Pencil is very cool, its like an always sharp pencil with great variation in tone.. too sexy for words! the pastels are very wierd. they feel like silk on the paper, very slippery and extremely bright. great for loosening up and playing with odd colors (there are only bright colors in there). The pencil is my new best friend though!

We are all packed and ready to go.. the money issue has been very interesting. a little too interesting for my liking.. but we have a full wardrobe and everything we need for me to be comfortable even with my disabilities. I hope it all works out. I am a little nervous for a number of reasons.

I will not be posting for the next week as I will have no internet (!) I am hoping to have a lot of inspiration over this week, I am sure it will be great. I am looking forward to it immensely!

So see you all next week when I am sure I will have lots of new works and photos to share.

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