This is a preliminary sketch of Queen Yolande. She is going to present an especial challenge as she is very short (my posing will hopefully help this) and very animated. she has an enormous amount of energy and presence that makes her very attractive and endearing but also makes her very difficult to photograph and probably to paint!

This sketch is quite simple as you can see. I think the key with her features will be to keep them subtle so that her energy shines through. her proportions will be off if I try to make her ‘larger than life’ – I will have to proceed carefully, a lot of blending and subtle color to suggest her features rather than heavy shadow – keep that light in her face.

I have primed the board for painting on and have set up my easel with the pictures all around it. next step will be to do a ‘cartoon’ of the pose on the primed board. in period this would be using the posing sketch but I am undecided as the size is off and I want to make some changes. I will know tomorrow.

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