Blog Project Update

I wrote a long post yesterday furthering the blog project, published it, then got freaked out and deleted it! some of you may have caught it on your feeds. 😳 The original reason I deleted it was because of the 3am panic fit and that fact that I don’t think I took it where it needed to go. It was a good summary of me and where I want to move personally but not really as it pertains to the next stage. there wasn’t a whole lot in it that was relevant and it was an essay! (even though I cut a lot). If you read it, I’m sorry, it was a huge ramble. if you didn’t don’t worry. I will write the next one tomorrow. I need time to think it out clearly.

I’ve done another update of mywebsite and am looking into things like online selling for my art in preparation for the next few topics. After this project I will probably be doing some dedicated analysis of some arts sites (although these will probably be over an extended period of time). I am beginning to feel like I have a handle on things. I haven’t solidified my career path yet but the act of moving towards the goal of getting goals has helped me focus really well. I feel like I am on the way to the path if that makes sense…

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