Top 5 Posts – Experimentation


I thought I would trial a new thing on Saturdays drawing attention to some of my older posts on a theme. Given some of my soul searching this week (entirely not pain induced! promise!) I thought I would highlight some of my struggles to advance my work conceptually. some of

my experimentations and fears. so enjoy!

  1. Like Paper The concept emerges and the finished result

    The first image is my interpretation of ‘street’ I am particularly, um, pleased I guess, at how it turned out, it communicates the horror of our accident very well.

  2. Expression of Pain

    This is what happens when you are depressed and painting. It is a hard piece to talk about and was a hard piece to paint – I collapsed in tears at the end of it. This is pure expressionism.

  3. Ecstasy

    Sometimes I feel a need to fit in with fashion or to prove that I have the traditional grounding. I don’t know why, since I progressed to more contemporary styles I have felt that my work has exploded into a whole new dimension and I don’t really want to look backwards.

  4. How do a know if a piece is the right one?

    I think art is a lot like love. you don’t know when it will hit or how, you don’t know why it happens and I don’t think you can force it, it just has to happen.

  5. Letting it Out

    Drawing is especially good for this because I can let go and receive some instant results. I don’t need to setup or prepare, just to unleash everything on the paper. It is such a raw medium I think it can often capture an energy that painting might lose through overworking.

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