Website Update

I have been working on re-developing my website, tuning it for further SEO and accessibility. It’s very web 2.0 and has incorporated some additions I wanted to make. I’ve been noticing the different patterns that have been made by visitors to my site and have adjusted accordingly. I hope this works a bit better.

I guess the weirdest bit is that this is the first website I have done that I haven’t coded myself. I like the control of programming and designing my sites but these days I find I have less time for development and tweaking so I have given in to greater convenience. Don’t get mad at me, I checked the code generated and it is actually very nice and clean. this site is half the size of my old one and is set up better (and with less stress!)

I am using iWeb, which originally I was just playing with but it won me over (like so many other mac products!) I can add new works easily through iPhoto and update my news simply and easily. I only need to load one program and it really does save time.

Anyway, let me know what you think, I’ve tested it as much as I can from here, it’s time to set it free.

Visit my website here at

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One thought on “Website Update

  1. Couple of proofreading points…

    * “it’s beauty and fragility” – you probably meant “its”; otherwise, it needs either a conjunction or a semicolon.

    * There should probably also be a comma after “fragility” and maybe a full stop after “says”.

    * “count a piece as successful” – can omit the “as”

    * “A lifelong passion for the human body, Jennie” – this makes it sound like you are passion rather than have passion.

    * This section also has somewhat inconsistent capitalisation (“Art” but “history”, “styles” but “Media”, “design industry” but “Information Technology”).

    * “however it was a debilitating car accident” – should probably have a comma after “however” (as it is, it means “no matter that …”).

    * “…curves that interrelate” – it’s not obvious what it is that interrelates; if it’s the curves, then perhaps “interrelating curves”? If it’s all of the preceeding, then perhaps it needs to be ranged alongside “connections” (connections and interrelations between).

    * Strunk & White say comma before the “as” in the next sentence.

    Hope you don’t mind the criticism — it’s intended constructively!


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