Discovery, by Jennie

Do you remember that I mentioned that I muffed a piece the other day? well, it goes to show that nothing is beyond redemption.. This composition came to me one night and I have been sitting on it and cooking it up. At first it represented my body issues and was a representation of body dysmorphic disorder. then I started working on it while I was starting to re-emerge from my cocoon. that is when it all went haywire. the Original concept wasn’t working but I wasn’t quite ready to embrace a new meaning. it became a big ol mess, just like me.

Then, last night I was taKing it down to move aside and forget about when it struck me. and I started working on it, working back into the image with pastels. Suddenly the whole work started to glow and change. Each line had a purpose and a meaning. I got into the zone and was pretty excited with the outcome. It became less about issues and more about rediscovering myself. The glowing lines represent the joy I feel about finally reintegrating all parts of myself. They are colorful, but strong all moving together to create a cohesive whole.

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