Grace, by Jennie

My latest Nude in the white impasto series. I started planning this piece months ago but it never seemed like the right time to paint it. With this technique I need to be absolutely certain of what I am doing, every line needs to be planned. in this case, the preliminary work and having every line mapped out and the colors and effects decided upon made this much easier to execute than i thought. sometimes it is worth leaving a painting to rattle about for a while to that when it is ready to come out, it comes out right. if a painting is forced out before it’s time then it can be wrong, lacking that certain something…

This is the largest painting I have completed at 46 x 36 (121.5 x 91.5). It needed to be this size to communicate the pose properly, but it was quite intimidating to start! I am happy that the flowing lines seem to come much easier. I am spending more time looking at where the line will go and then executing it with confidence and flow. Overall I am pleased with the results of this work, it seems to have more energy than the initial draft – it also looks good in any direction which is pretty neat.

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