Turmoil - 12x12 Oils on Canvas

Turmoil – 12×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
This painting is SOLD

everyone is finding this winter difficult. I don’t know whether it’s the bitter weather or the bad viral strains around but a general malaise seems to have settled over everything. I have spent a good portion of it sick and sore as it now appears that my back can predict the weather and is doing it’s best impression of an overfilled hot water bottle. it’s pretty miserable.

the good news is that the art season in the US is picking up and things are going very well. I just wish I could paint! I’ve already had to forego a show opportunity in Berlin because I’m just not particularly able right now. I hate it!

meanwhile, I seem to be incapable of telling people good news about myself and my career. I get too afraid of jinxing the opportunity or waking up and having the entire thing crumble to dust around me. I’m sorry- amazing things are happening and hopefully I can share details very soon!

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