Vote for My Nudes!

Grace - 48 x 36 acrylic and gesso on canvas

Grace – 48 x 36 acrylic and gesso on canvas by Jennie

It’s popularity contest time once more, so I must crave your pardon while I grovel for pageviews and votes yet again. has a new Lightbox feature, making it much easier to view all the works from an artist. every detailed view counts to place my work higher on the curators lightbox. view my works here and vote for My Favorite Nude for November here

Boundless Gallery is hosting a competition to see who the featured artist will be for December. your every vote counts! plus you can see my works for sale or commission a piece personally. there are other artists too of course but naturally you aren’t interested in them 😉 just enter your email and Robert’s your uncle! it all starts here

thankyou all for your support!

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