Hasty Turnaround on Nude Ad Ban

Water Nymph Resting

Water Nymph Resting by Lucas Cranach

London reverses ‘overtly sexual’ Tube poster ban – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

“On reflection in this context, the Cranach exhibition poster should not have been rejected and we’ve now approved the advertisement to be carried on the Tube.”

Conservative lawmaker John Whittingdale, chairman of the influential House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee, described the original ban as “absolutely bonkers” earlier this week.

talk about your quick turnaround! good on them for reversing the decision quickly and admitting a mistake. it strikes me as an oh shit! fix it quick! sort of response but it certainly was the correct decision and I am impressed that they didn’t immediately go on the defensive and make this situation boil rapidly out of control as happens so often when nudes are the subject!

personally I wish I was in London and able to see it – it looks like a very interesting exhibition.

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2 thoughts on “Hasty Turnaround on Nude Ad Ban

  1. Love your sight, I sent you a message under your contact me on your sight but not sure if I did it right! Your art is great….love the attitude!

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