New Nude

Currently Untitled 20x24 Oils on Canvas

Currently Untitled 20×24 Oils on Canvas byJennie Rosenbaum

This is a quick piece I did to relax from working on the blindfold of the other. I was working on loosening up my hand and technique and keeping it light. to me this seems very much like something done in life drawing class. I don’t know really what I think of it, I like sections but I am not sure about the whole.

what is funny is that I started this piece in the aim of making it rather coy and come hither but because I was feeling depressed when I painted it it came across as doubting and uncertain somehow. perhaps my opinion on the piece is actually influenced by the mood to a certain extent. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.. I don’t have a title yet, I was thinking Doubt but now I am not so sure. heh maybe I should call it Ambivalent! as usual feel free to suggest a title in the comments!

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