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Here is what I’ve been saying on Twitter. you can follow me at @minxdragon

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One thought on “Jennie’s Tweets

  1. Gee, Jennie, you know we love you and your art, have bought one and wanted to buy another but couldn’t afford the shipment cost (more than the cost of the painting), but with the world in a recession/depression is it really a wise move to make your work even less affordable?

    If your product was selling like hotcakes, going off the shelves as fast as you can produce it, that’s one thing. If you have unsold stock, that’s an entirely different matter.

    Money’s tight, nobody buys anything anymore that isn’t on sale. And everything’s on sale.

    Your source that says you are woefully underpriced is obviously much more expert than a couple of folks from Wisconsin, but we also wonder how much in touch he/she might be with the real world.

    Artistic types, of all kinds, are notoriously lacking in practical financial expertise. Note the universal reality of artistic venues unable to survive without public assistance. Civic Centers, public museums, local orchestras. Most require heavy tax subsidies to survive.

    We say this just to caution you to not price yourself out of the market. You do wonderfull work, but there’s just so many people, especially now, that can afford the luxury of original artwork.

    You needen’t post this if you don’t want, our e-mail is down at the moment and we just wanted to reach you. Love and kisses always, Angie & Steve ps: Still don’t like the twitter! 😉

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