Shadow 10x8 Oils on Linen
Shadow 10×8 Oils on Linen by Jennie Rosenbaum

Yet again I have been swamped in the preparations for submissions, writing essays, trying to find inspiration and all the usual day to day activities of an artist. I also had the good luck to fall recently so I have been undergoing a lot of recovery and work to try and claw my way back to where I should be.

Fall seems to be a period of hibernation for me. the changing seasons and fickle weather give me more problems with pain than usual and I find that I seem to slow down. Inspiration is less frequent, I’m more susceptible to colds and to my occasional whybotheritis. I am trying to push through as best I can, I’m still working on some pretty cool submissions and I am trying to not let my whybotheritis make me miss any opportunities. I tend to let myself down at times like this and I am determined not to. unfortunately my blog has yet again been thrown to the wolves of apathy. sometimes something has to go and this time it’s my blog. if it helps I’m not twittering or doing much socially with anything. this period of hibernation always seems to apply most to my social activities, online and off.

I am still planning on completing my assignments for 31DBBB and I will probably post some of my submission responses because they are kinda cool.

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