My goals for 2011

I have been thinking about my goals for this year.


Emerging - A3 Watercolors and Pencil on Paper by Jennie Rosenbaum

They are broken down into personal, marketing, online, offline, exhibiting, creating art, learning and other revenue streams. At least so far…

Last year was a wonderful year for me, I finally achieved one of my long term goals and gained gallery representation. I’ve been building my abilities and my connections and I think things will go very well this year if I can maintain momentum.

This year, in a nutshell, I wish to achieve these things (in no particular order):
I want to get my new studio up and running, have it functional as well as beautiful and spend time in it! It’s a garage workshop so it will take a lot of work but the beauty is that when it’s done it will be all mine.
I want to write a business plan and actually stick to it this time.
I want to build up my blogging, and my affiliate earnings, I want to add on some extra revenue streams as a fun funds funnel (yes that is what I’m calling it!).
I want to build up my online presence even more. Build on what I have created and refine my practices. I also want to add some YouTube into the mix. I hate YouTube, but I cannot deny it’s power. I also want to finally make a landing page for my facebook fan page!
I want to paint. I want to be disciplined and work effectively to create the paintings that are inside me. I don’t have a shortage of inspiration, I have a shortage of oomph. And that is something I want to correct!
This year may finally be the year of the website redesign. It might be time.
I want to work on my online galleries to make my listings as good they can be, I also want to increase my sales.
I want to continue to learn, to grow and to add to my knowledge of 3D, of anatomy and of painting techniques.
I want to give more back to the arts community! I want to continue the fight for the rights of nude art and to help out other artists.

How will I do all these things? stay tuned…


Edit: 2011! how could I get that wrong?

2 thoughts on “My goals for 2011

    • oops! I meant 2011! I’m still living in the past – apparently so much so that my email reply to this comment didn’t go through.

      chalk that up to another resolution for this year (heh) I will respond to comments on this blog! I’ve been very slack, and I’ve been relying on the respond via email – which it appears does not work.

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ve changed it 😀

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