Taxpayer dollars, art and you- how it all fits

While I grant that not all public art is liked or understood by everyone, the tenor of this article at the herald-sun is that all arts funding is a waste and that the programs should be scrapped. The arts are seeing an all time high in funding at the moment and I think it is wonderful that artists are being given the funds to realize their grandiose dreams.
While it may not appeal to everyone, public art does not only benefit the rich, it beautifies cities, it gives everyone new and interesting to watch, to do, to experience.
Grants are not just there for artists to slack off and live off taxpayer dollars, but a chance to earn recognition, to create their visions and to create something to benefit everyone. Art costs money to make. Without the help of grants, residencies and funding, some projects would never get made.

Sadly, sometimes if the art is a little lacking, it isn’t the fault of the committee or a lack of funding (or too much as this article seems to suggest), it’s a lack of artists submitting their works. Grants are intimidating, they’re difficult and artists are often afraid that they will be rejected and that is enough of a reason not apply. But doing the hard work can pay off, not just in allowing you to create the work you want, but to also bring art to thousands who may never otherwise get a chance to see it.

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