Suspension – Daz Render


Suspension – Daz Studio 4 Render

I’m going insane! a gear and lace – I don’t know what I’m thinking, but I’m so excited about this piece! it’s going to test my geometry skills to the limits but I think when it is done it will be a very interesting painting. I’m pretty psyched. I’ve been doing some other work this week, watercolors, some backlog things, and working on my geometry skills! this is requiring a bit of planning to get exactly right. but I have the canvas and I am getting all geared up.


Figure: Victoria 4 *free*

Character: Reby Sky

Morphs: Morphs++ NGM for V4

Goggles: M4 Steam Cowboy

Hair: Scarlet Nights Hair

Boots and Cravat: Scandalous for V4

Gear: Steampunk Cogs and Gears 6 *free*

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