Resolutions and opportunities

Peace - watercolor and pencils on paper

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to new years resolutions, why we create them and what they do to us. Last year I had several blog posts worth. Did I achieve them all? No, sometimes because the scope was too huge, and sometimes because as the year went on they lost relevance or new things came up that changed the game.

This year I am trying a completely different tack. I am shunning my old standby the list and going with a single new years resolution:

Identify opportunities and seize them

Last year I started to see how powerful this could be. I took a massive step forward in my career mindset just by being open to new opportunities. I liked it so much I want to dedicate my year to this single premise. And the best thing is that this doesn’t just refer to work, everything is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

  • inspiration is an opportunity, create something wonderful from it
  • sunlight is an opportunity, go for a walk or play outside to clear your head!
  • watching Erica is an opportunity to see the world differently
  • working at home is an opportunity to spend time with family and get a balance
  • exhibition opportunities are everywhere
  • social media is an opportunity, with it I can reach out to galleries, collectors and friends half a world or two blocks away.
  • this blog is an opportunity, with it I share my thoughts and feelings and art
  • the new year is an opportunity, use it to inspire a better tomorrow!
  • What opportunities will you seize in 2012?

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